Board of Directors

Manohar Chaudhary - Founder and Director

   Manohar is an experienced architect who has been associated with the industry for over 35 years. He founded MAM Interiors in 1997.
He brings extensive leadership experience with significant cross-functional and diverse project exposure to MAM Interiors.
He is an active Melvin Jones Fellow of Lions Club International and is also an active committee member of UdyojagUttejan Committee of SomvanshiyaKshatriyaSamajUnnatiSangh, encouraging the setting up of micro enterprises and funding of educational initiatives in and around Mumbai.

Ashish Chaudhary - Directorand Head of Operations

    Ashishhas over 2 decades of experience in Interior Designing. His passion for architecture and design is reflected in the creation of every project.
He has been the face of MAM interiors in the recent past and has drives the business with a passion for cutting edge techniques and integrating them in the philosophy of MAM Interiors to bring sustainable designs to life.
He is an active member of Business Network International and when he is not involved in any projects and during his free time he is busy pursuing his hobby of long distance road cycling.

Trupti Chaudhary - Director and Head of Design

    Trupti has over 2 decades of experience in Interior Designing. She is responsible for designing and other back end operations of MAM Interiors.
She is a believer and parctioner in VaastuShastra and is currently pursuing her interest in Vedanta Philosophy, especially BhagvadGeeta.